In The Beginning

70s Ford Truck on Farm

Rooks Landscaping, founded in 1977 by Tom Rooks, is a full service design, consultation, nursery and maintenance business located in beautiful Ada, Michigan. In 1989 the company purchased ten acres of rolling farmland and over time acquired an additional 65 acres. With the added land came expanded services and materials such as tree nurseries, propagation beds for perennials and many unusual grasses and shrubs. Visitors enjoy the foot paths and winding boardwalks when exploring the display beds, the demonstration landscapes and a wildlife corridor with wetlands, ponds and a native prairie.


With a staff of more than 40, we service both residential and business communities with a strong environmental focus – to be as “green” as possible. We grow and promote the use of native plants and trees including those specific to Michigan. We work at using the most eco-friendly products and the least intrusive methods to deal with common garden issues. Our website is even powered by a server that is carbon neutral. We promote the reuse, recycle and restore philosophy and apply it to our everyday practices.