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For nearly 40 years, Rooks Landscaping has been making West Michigan beautiful. Our landscape and garden design team with work with you on-site, listen to your thoughts and ideas. Whether your taste leans to manicured formal gardens or flowing, natural landscapes, Rooks will work with you to create the outdoor world of your imagination.
It's not just plants and trees. Driveways, entrances, patios and walkways all lend structure and character to a landscape design. Rooks designers and installers work with both natural and man-made materials, blending textures and patterns to create memorable spaces.
It doesn't happen without the planning and hard work of the Rooks Landscaping team. The men and women work with clients, our nursery and the weather to progressively transform bare ground, turning before into after. We have installed mature trees up to 30' using specialized equipment - and clean up after ourselves, too. It's hard work, and dirty, too, but it's what we love, especially as time passes and plantings mature.
Weeding, deadheading, pruning. It's all part of keeping your gardens and landscaping looking fresh and vigorous throughout the seasons. From spring cleanup to fall cleanup, the Rooks team can be scheduled for intervals appropriate to your plantings and your preferences. We clean up after ourselves, too!
Rooks has one of the largest native-species nurseries in West Michigan, where we nurture and cultivate a wide variety of trees, bushes and perennials that thrive in this area. We also offer deer-resistant plants. Stop out for a tour of our gardens and growing areas.
For many clients - both businesses and residences, Rooks is their go-to source for stunning planters, showcase arrangements that highlight each season's character and color. You will certainly recognize our work from around West Michigan as you explore the gallery.